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Urgent and Non-urgent repairs


Inner East Social Housing Group has taken on responsibility for the maintenance of all properties under management and has engaged Complex Property Group Pty Ltd as it’s main maintenance provider. Complex Property Group Pty Ltd are a boutique property maintenance company. Complex Property Group Pty Ltd have now completed a full year as the IESHG maintenance provider and we are extremely happy with the level of service, adherence to time frames and value for money.

Inner East Social Housing Group prides itself on in maintaining our properties to a high standard and we encourage our tenants to assistance us in maintaining this standard.


To ensure we achieve this standard ask tenants to report to us any maintenance issues they have, whether they are urgent or not. Maintenance issues can be reported to the office by phone during normal working hours 9.00am – 5.00 pm on 1300 705 784 or by emailing any time

When reporting a maintenance issues it is vital that tenants provide the their name, contact number, details of the problem and where it is located.  This information will then be forwarded to the contractor.

It should be understood that we will attempt to address your maintenance issue as promptly as possible and our best endeavour will be within 7 days for all non urgent works. The contractor will ring you to make a suitable time for the repair.

If the maintenance issue is of an urgent nature after normal work hours or on weekends please call 1300 705 254

Urgent maintenance is defined as damage to your property which results in it no longer safe haven and may be a risk to your health and safety, for example no gas for cooking or heating, flooding etc.

*Note: Urgent maintenance is addressed within 24 hours. You will need to stay at home until the contractor arrives at your property. If you are unavailable or leave your property and we have called a contractor to attend and they can’t access your property, you may be asked to pay the call out charge.



Locked out


If you lose your keys of are locked out of your unit outside of normal business house (9am - 5pm business days) your will need to contact our locksmith.


Out locksmith can be contacted on (03) 9689 3488.

You will need to inform them that you are a tenant on Inner East Social Housing Group and provide the address you are calling from.

It is your responsibility to pay the locksmith to attend.


Call out fees and labour costs below must be paid by tenant

After hours Lost Keys -


  Call out Fee                           Labour costs


  5pm - Midnight    $150       $110 per hour

  Midnight – 8am   $200




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